Reading List

This site shall hold a list of the books that I have read. I want to give them remarks and thus be able to restore wether or not I already read them, and if I should read them again.

To keep it simple (for me), I will write in german for books written in german.

The ratings are on a scale from 0 (worst) to 5 stars.

Isaac Asimov: “Der 200 Jährige” (5 stars)

Eine sehr schön geschriebene kurze Geschichte über einen Roboter und dessen Erlebnisse im Kontext der Zeit und Gesellschaft. Wunderschöne Science Fiction von Isaac Asimov die auch grundlegende ethische Fragen behandelt.

Cixin Ciu: Der dunkle Wald (4 stars)

Continuation of “Die drei Sonnen”. I did not like the book at the beginning. I had the feeling that the author was forced to write a second part of the story and it took him more than 50 pages to get into the flow. The ending was somewhat suprising and I look forward to reading the next book (Jenseits der Zeit).

Cixin Liu: Die drei Sonnen (5 stars)

Really good science fiction. I liked every bit of it and would even read it again. This book won the hugo award and I can see why.

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